Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More smash stuff.

How long has it been since I was to do coverage on what was going on with SSB4? Aw well, looks I'd better show my reactions to a few announcements.

Why is the 3DS release coming before the Wii U release. Did Nintendo realise that the 3DS sold more and decided to release the cash cow version first? Who makets the games Lickboot?

At least Greninja is in the game, I really like that thing and I want to see how it fares in the game. F.L.O.O.D is a move for Mario again, he is now doomed. I would complain about Charizard being in the game but it is good now and it was good in Brawl. At least PKMN Trainer isn't in the game, no more "he should be called Ash". But why is the Mega Charizard X? It is getting quite a bit of spotlight: it is the one in Origins and the one in that Mega Evolution special. Where is the Y love?

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