Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New idea from PGL

Someone probably had a brain-wave and thought that it would be a good idea to show the usage stats of cartridge battling. Well not really cartridge as it is rating battles, which I don't care about and don't expect me to either.

It runs just like Smogon's ones, only more limited. It only really describes the top 12 in usage, whereas Smogon shows everything. Although their teammate selection is more detailed and shows who is common in a list of 10, something that won't always work on Smogon for certain Pokémon. The most recent count is as follows.

  1. Garchomp
  2. Talonflame
  3. Kangaskhan
  4. Rotom-W
  5. Charizard
  6. Greninja
  7. Tyranitar
  8. Aegislash
  9. Mawile
  10. Gengar
  11. Azumarill
  12. Togekiss
Cresselia also appears to see more usage than it does in Smogon. Why? Because the players are more prepared with what to do with threats rather than ban things they can't face, Sand Veil anyone? If you disagree with me. I don't care. 

If you were looking for coverage on each of those Pokémon. Then you were reading the wrong blog. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bank and Smash

Bank is finally out in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. What happened to everyone else? Ah well, I suppose it is my duty to give anyone, who needs them, previous-gen Pokémon. I'm suspecting that it is something to do with server types and all that jargon. But GameFaqs users are complaining about how the European shouldn't rub the success in the Americans' faces. Yeah, despite you got the series before Europe did. And also, stop spurting "please understand" all over the place. It isn't funny anymore!

And Palkia is for the Poké balls in SSB4. And I'm assuming that Dialga would probably be too. I mean both Groudon and Kyogre were in Brawl. Maybe Giratina would be a boss in the local story. I can dream can't I? Since it is early hours, not many Gamefaqs users would be complaining about how Gen 4 Pokémon get to appear and get fanboyish about Zekrom. Maybe they might be downright stupid and say that Gen 4 will get a re-make before Gen 3 because more Sinnoh Pokémon are appearing. Thankfully, I have yet to meet a noob like this. 

EDIT: Oh? Bank is now out in America. Ah, OK. Guess it would be BW1 syndrome where Europe got it earlier. And people are complaining about how you can only transfer one box at a time. Excuse me for stating the obvious but.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Guide to making a countdown video on YouTube.

Many people have come and keep asking me about how to make the ultimate countdown. I had to spend many years thinking about this and I finally came up with an answer. Just follow the rules and you'll be like your heroes on the web.

Step 1) Make an awesome intro which contain clips of your favorite games while making yourself more awesome than you actually are. You must, and I mean must, have an "epic" rock song.

Step 2) Bring a friend with you to join in the fun and games. He must trust you with all costs. This is needed in case he thinks you're some kind of hack who is doing this as cash in. You must introduce him into the video as though he owns Skype, or like a VHS effect.

Step 3) You must claim that people must respect your opinion, although it is pretty much the same as everyone else's opinion or is a forced attempt at trying to be a dark horse. And you should introduce yourself by giving facts that everyone knows by now.

Step 4) DO A TOP 11!!!! Why? Because you like to follow the le...I mean go one step beyond. And when previewing the number pick, use a clip with the topic that you are digressing. Back in the old days, people would scream the number in a deep voice. But since then, that has fallen out of fashion. Alternatively you could rhyme when previewing your pick, although the viewers are smart enough to know that this is a bloody stupid thing to do.

Step 5) When picking each of your picks. Implement all the means you can; like if you were describing starter Pokémon, refer Snivy as Smugleaf and Tepig as Bacon. Use tons of OVER 9000 jokes, and use a ton of hipster jokes. Why? Because your audience thinks they are funny. Also, be completely biased and conform to nostalgia: say that Twilight Princess sucks and Majora's Mask rules for the sake that other people do. 

Step 6) When you are required to be angry, you don't even have to try. Even if it is forced people will still laugh hysterically and subscribe to you. What do you mean it is out of self pity? Stop assuming things! Try putting a blank screen saying time out and your meekly partner asking you if you're happy to go on. 

Step 7) At the end of the video. Point out that the viewer should like the video and subscribe to you. And spotlight subscribe heavily. You desperately need those views. 

If that doesn't work, I don't what will. But I have full faith in you. Good luck out there. You will need it like oxygen.